ECCOdal grass grids

ECCOdal grass grids are strong grass grids made from recycled material that feature expansion joints to absorb thermal and mechanical stresses. ECCOdal grass grids provide a permeable suface, on which you can walk and (sporaddically) drive, with a green touch.

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Why grass grids?

Water shortage on the one hand and flooding on the other hand are getting worse, all due to an increasing number of unpermeable, paved surfaces (concrete, tiles, paving blocks, etc.). Grass and gravel grids provide the ideal solution for water-permeable surface. This prevents both water shortages and flooding, all without having to invest in an expensive drainage system. This also reduces our ecological footprint and prevents the limitation of natural habitats.

Why ECCODAL grass grids?

ECCOdal grass grids are made from recycled material (mix PE-PP) this allows them to remain flexible, even in freezing temperatures, and they will therefore not break. In addition, ECCOdal grass grids have expansion joints to deal with temperature differences, so the grass grids will not shift against each other. Moreover, ECCOdal grass grids are also suited for cars, thus the ideal surface for an (additional) parking area or driveway that is used sporadically. Lastly, ECCOdal grass grids were specifically designed as grass grids, unlike other sheets that can be used both as gravel sheets and as grass grids. The technical specifications for ECCOdal grass grids are specifically aimed at grass filling, while ECCOdal gravel sheets are specifically aimed at a gravel filling. Finally, ECCOdal is a 100% Belgian high-quality product.


With ECCOdal grass valley slabs, you get a permeable, walkable and rideable pavement with an ecological character.

ECCOdal grass grids can be used for different applications , making them ideally suited for walkways and garden paths, but also for your driveway or parking areas. An ECCOdal grass grid is also ideally suited for roof terraces, fire accesses, sports areas etc. In addition, ECCOdal grass grids are ideal for roof terraces, fire roads, sports grounds, etc.

ECCOdal grass grids are available in:

  • 2 heights: 4 cm and 5 cm
  • 2 colours: black or green

The 4 cm and 5 cm ECCOdal grass grids have similar properties (torque resistance, pressure resistance, flexibility, …). However, load distribution onto the foundation is better with a 4-cm grid than with the 3-cm one.

Belgian quality product

ECCOdal grass grids are produced in Belgium, from start to finish. This allows us not only to make quick deliveries, but also to apply stringent quality parameters.

Frost-resistant grass grids

ECCOdal grass grids are frost-resistant grids made from a mix of recycled material (PP-PE). The grass grids remain flexible at all times, even at freezing temperatures down to – 20°C. Grass grids made of different materials would break under cold temperatures.

Handy format

Grass grids of 80 x 80 cm = 0,64 m²/grid. Most grass grids on the market are often smaller in size; by choosing an 80 x 80 cm grass grid, installation is much faster. At the same time, the grids are not too big, making them still easy to handle by 1 person.

Different colors

ECCOdal grass grids are available in green and black.

Different heights

ECCOdal grass grids are available in 4 cm and 5 cm. By opting for a minimum height of 4 cm, our grass grids ensure adequate load distribution on the surface.

Grass grids provide a passable lawn with no risk of rutting.

ECCOdal grass grids can be used for a variety of applications:

  • Footpaths and garden paths
  • Horse arenas
  • Camping sites
  • Bank reinforcement
  • Sporadically used driveway or parking

The installation of ECCOdal grass grids is easy and fast. Before you start, select the grid type you require carefully and choose the correct foundation depth.

STEP 1: Excavation

Perform the necessary excavation works. Always remove the topsoil.

STEP 2: Borders

Install the borders. They should extend 2 cm above the level of the top of the grass grid.

STEP 3: Foundation

Place the foundations/sub-foundation at a depth of at least 25 cm. Work in layers of 20 cm at the most, and compact with a plate compactor. The foundation case can consist of: lava, limestone pebbles, porphyry pebbles or crushed concrete rubble (chip size distribution: 16-32 or 20-40 mm). Hollow spaces (about 80%) should be filled with topsoil.

STEP 4: Substrate levelling layer

Place the substrate levelling layer. The depth of the levelling layer for vehicular applications must be 5 cm, for non-vehicular applications 15 cm. The levelling layer preferably consists of lava (chip distribution: 0-4 mm).

STEP 5: ECCODAL Grass grids

Place the ECCOdal grass grids and snap them in place using the expansion joints. Cut with a disk cutter.

STEP 6: Adding substrate to ECCODAL

Add the substrate to the ECCOdal grass grids up to 1 cm (max 0.5 cm) from the edge of the grid. You can use a self-compacting substrate, that way you no longer need to brush out anything as the substrate will compact naturally.

STEP 7: Sowing

Sow the grass into the ECCOdal.

STAP 8: Inspection

Inspect a few weeks after first use and brush out if necessary.

ECCOdal 40

  • Composition: Recycled material (mix PE-PP)
  • Weight per grid: 3.172 g
  • Length (including connections): 813.3 mm
  • Width (including connections): 813.2 mm
  • Height: 39 mm
  • Side thickness: 4 mm

ECCOdal 50

  • Composition: Recycled material (mix PE-PP)
  • Weight per tile: 3.904 g
  • Length (including connections): 813.3 mm
  • Width (including connections): 813.2 mm
  • Hoogte: 48 mm
  • Side thickness: 4 mm
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