1. Introduction

ECCO bv considers it important to inform you clearly about what happens to the personal data we collect. In this privacy statement, you can find out what we do to protect your privacy, how you have a say in the processing of your personal data and what controls are in place to ensure compliance with this privacy statement.

2. Collection, use, management, transfer and security

This Privacy Statement applies to the collection, use and management of your personal data by ECCO bv.

Collection of personal data


ECCO bv collects personal data through various channels, including mail, telephone, fax, website, social media, email traffic, cookies, click-through data and navigation data.

We collect several personal data, including:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • E-mail addresses
  • Telephone numbers, mobile phone numbers and/or fax numbers
  • Data from contracts, orders and purchases
  • Data from contact forms
  • Professional data such as VAT and CBE numbers, coordinates of contact persons of legal entities and the partners/partners of a company. With regard to professional data, data provided through external channels such as address managers are also kept.
  • Data from surveys and commercial actions
  • Domain names and IP addresses when you visit our web page
  • Language preferences

Website, cookies and e-mail traffic

The website of ECCO bv ( is operated by Okappi , with registered office in Mechelen (BE 0715 997 085).

ECCO bv also collects personal data as a result of visiting our website and if you click through on an e-mail or web form. This is done via cookies and similar technologies, through which we try to improve the quality and functionalities of our website.

The use of cookies can be disabled at any time via the settings of your web browser, this may possibly result in the malfunctioning of our website.

You will only receive electronic direct marketing communications if you have given your explicit consent, unsubscribe to these communications at any time and completely free of charge.

If you wish to react to the content of our website or have comments on our e-mail policy, you can do so via the contact details included under “Contact info”.

Use of personal data

The personal data provided are used for the purpose of concluding contracts with ECCO bv, so we try to conclude contracts correctly.

The personal data collected will also be used in the context of improving our website, to contact you for direct marketing purposes or to provide you with the necessary information you requested.

ECCO bv may use provided personal data for new purposes not yet provided for in our current privacy policy. If so, We will contact You before using the data for these new purposes.

We will inform you of the changes and give you the opportunity to give your consent.

Data management

All personal data are managed by ECCO bv, with its registered office in Merelbeke, Poelstraat 167 (KBO number BE 0823 113 294).

In view of your rights as a data subject, we keep a register in which everything concerning data collection is organised and documented.

Within our company, personal data is only accessible to the responsible persons who must have access to it in function of their duties.

Retention period of personal data

We keep all personal data provided as long as necessary to provide our services, fulfil our agreements or as long as necessary to comply with legal obligations. In any case, we do not keep personal data longer than necessary.

Transfer to third parties

Under no circumstances will personal data be transferred, sold or rented to third persons or companies. Except with your express agreement, with the relevant form. ECCO bv considers the data provided to be confidential information at all times.

Only for the processing of personal data may we use an external processor. If this is done, we strictly monitor the confidential and secure treatment of your personal data.

A processor will never be allowed to use your personal data on its own initiative, as well as your personal data must be deleted as soon as the processor has completed its task. They may only be kept if the importance of these data can be demonstrated.

Security of personal data

When receiving or transferring personal data, we always use recognised encryption technologies that are considered common standards within the IT sector.

To prevent the loss, unlawful use or alteration of personal data we receive, we have implemented the necessary security measures.

Moreover, we always use a secure server when receiving or transferring critical information, such as bank details.

Procedure in case of data breach

If ECCO bv becomes aware of a personal data breach and this breach presents a risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons, the Privacy Commission shall be notified without unreasonable delay and, at the latest, within 72 hours.

If the breach is likely to pose a high risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons, ECCO bv shall notify the affected person(s) without delay, subject to the exceptions provided for by law.



As a data subject, you have a number of rights regarding the personal data you have provided. You may exercise the rights below at any time and completely free of charge.

Access to information

Upon request, we grant individuals access to all the information we hold on them. If you would like access to your personal data, please contact ECCO bv (see details under “Contact Info”). You should always present valid proof of identity for this purpose.

Change of information

Upon request, we grant individuals the opportunity to correct any incorrect personal data we hold about them. You must contact ECCO bv for this purpose (see details under “Contact info”). For this purpose, you shall always present a valid proof of identity.

Other rights

You also have the following rights:

  • Right to oblivion
  • Right to restriction of processing
  • Right to object to processing
  • Right to transfer of data
  • Right to object to profiling and automated processing

If you wish to exercise the aforementioned rights, you may contact ECCO bv for this purpose (see details under “Contact info”), always after presenting valid proof of identity.


If you find that ECCO bv’s handling of personal data does not comply with this Privacy Statement or applicable legislation, you may contact ECCO bv at any time (see details under “Contact Info”).

You may also contact the Commission for the Protection of Privacy at any time if you have complaints regarding the processing of your personal data within our company.


If you wish to contact us or submit comments, you can use various communication channels to do so:
Via e-mail:
By phone: +32 9 247 00 25
By post: ECCO bv, Poelstraat 167, 9820 Merelbeke