Already 15 900 404sqm of surface made permeable.
Opt for more biodiversity
Easy and quick installation

About ECCO.

ECCO PRODUCTS is a trendsetter and manufacturer of water permeable solutions for outdoor spaces. Together with our partners we strive towards a greener future.

We have a clear mission, which is to make 20 million square meters of water permeable and we will do it by 2025. More than that, we are going to double this every 5 years thereafter.

A green roof: the importance of weight


You are probably wondering how much such a green roof weighs and whether your existing roof will be able to bear that weight. In this blog, we discuss how our trays (also known as tiles) provide a solution to the challenges you face when installing a green roof.

What are gravel grids and why should you use them?


Want to know more about gravel grids and why you should use them? Here are the main benefits of using a gravel grid for your gravel driveways and surfaces.