2Connect Joint filler

Effectively protect your (paving) joints from weed growth with the 2Connect joint filler. This innovative product offers a reliable solution to prevent unwanted weeds and is suitable for heavier traffic.

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Reliably and durably protect your pavement with ECCO Products’ 2Connect joint filler. This high-quality grout filler ensures that your pavement remains free of weeds, allowing you to enjoy a well-kept and long-lasting pavement. With the 2Connect joint filler, you are making an environmentally friendly choice that is not only effective, but also maintains the natural balance. Choose peace of mind and invest in protecting your pavement with 2Connect joint filler.






Stone grey

Preventing weed growth

With the 2Connect joint filler, you don’t have to worry about weeds growing between your paving joints. It forms a powerful barrier against weed growth, keeping your pavement looking well-groomed at all times.

Water and air permeable

We understand the importance of healthy soil and proper drainage. Our joint filler is water- and air-permeable, preserving the natural balance and preventing water accumulation.

Suitable for heavy traffic

Whether it’s a busy driveway, business park or parking lot, the 2Connect grout filler is suitable for heavy traffic applications. You can rely on a strong and durable solution that can withstand intensive use.

Apply in wet and dry weather

With the 1Connect joint filler, you can be flexible in application. Whether the weather is wet or dry, you can apply the joint filler without restrictions. This saves time and simplifies the process.

Suitable for new and existing paving

Whether you want to lay new pavement or maintain your existing pavement, the 2Connect joint filler is suitable for both situations. You can enjoy long-term protection from weeds, regardless of the age of your pavement.

Durable and low maintenance

At ECCO Products, we are committed to sustainability. Our grout filler is designed to last and requires little maintenance. No need to worry about regular replacement or intensive maintenance.

UV- and frost-resistant

The 2Connect joint filler can withstand the harshest weather conditions. It is UV and frost resistant, so it retains its quality and is not affected by extreme temperatures.

Environmentally friendly

We value the environment. Our grout filler is environmentally friendly and meets the highest standards of sustainability. You can confidently choose a product that minimizes environmental impact.

Less suitable for ceramic tiles and porous materials such as marble, bluestone, etc.
Suitable for pavements with heavy loads:

  • Traffic circles
  • Cobblestones
  • Roads with wide joints

Minimum outdoor temperature at installation:>5°C and<30°C

After application, there may be a temporary shine and/or colour difference. This disappears over time due to UV rays.


Stap 1: Preparation

Clean the pavement and joints to ensure all weeds and dirt are removed.

Stap 2: Mixing components with sand and water

Mix components A and B well with the quartz sand for 3 minutes. Afterwards, add up to 3 litres of water to the mixture and mix again for 3 minutes.

Stap 3: Applying joint filler to paving

Pour the ECCO 2Connect joint filler onto the paving that has been moistened beforehand. Sweep the joint filling into the joints with a hard broom or rubber squeegee. (*)

Stap 4: Sweeping until desired result

After 10 to 30 minutes, sweep with a soft broom until the desired result is achieved.

(*) We recommend testing out the joint filler on a small area in advance.

  • Composition: Comp. A (epoxy resin) + Comp. B (hardener)
  • Pressure strength: 21 N/mm²
  • Building strenght: 6.1 N/mm²
  • Joint width/ depth: min. 5 mm, min. 3cm
  • Drying time: 24h – 48h

What is the recommended preservation period for ECCOconnect?*

  • 1CONNECT: Minimum 2 years provided it is still sealed (i.e. vacuum and moisture-free)
  • 2CONNECT: Minimum 5 years provided it is stored between 2 degrees and 40 degrees Celsius.

(*) This shelf life is an approximate guideline, and may vary depending on storage conditions