ECCOborders Betotop Wirtz

ECCOborders BETOTOP are high-quality profiles for finishing concrete copings. They are characterised by their wide range of applications. Betotop Wirtz edging profiles are available in inox version and fit perfectly as finishing on the Wirtz edging.

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ECCOborders Betotop are high-quality profiles for finishing concrete copings, both for new projects and renovation projects that already have concrete copings. These profiles are self-clamping, preventing them from shifting after installation. In addition, irregularities (in height) between concrete copings are perfectly absorbed by the length of Betotop. All Betotop profiles in Inox version are supplied with an easily removable protective film, so that they cannot be scratched during transport.

ECCOborders BETOTOP Wirtz is a V-profile

  • ECCOborders BETOTOP Wirtz 16 Inox measures (lxb1-b2xh): 200 x 1,6-4 x 7 cm. The thickness is 0.8 mm.
  • b1 is the width at the top, b2 is the width at the bottom.
  • Easy installation

Thanks to the self-clamping property of the profiles, the ECCOborders Betotop profiles can be installed very quickly and easily.

  • Long durability

Thanks to the high quality of the Inox (316) and Cor-ten steel used, ECCOborders Betotop profiles have a long service life. In addition, they also ensure that the concrete coping stone obtains a longer life (the profiles protect the coping stone).

  • Large application area

ECCOborders Betotop profiles can be used for both new projects and renovation projects that already have concrete copings, giving them a very wide range of applications.

  • Absorbing irregularities

Thanks to the length of the ECCOborders Betotop profiles, irregularities in height between the concrete copings are perfectly absorbed.

  • Easily removable protective film

Each profile of ECCOborders Betotop has a protective film, so the profiles are protected from scratches during transport. Moreover, this protective film is easy to remove, so you do not lose any time during installation.

  • Public Works
  • Gardens
  • Walkways
  • petanque courts
  • Bikelane
  • Terraces
  • Driveways
  • Car parks

The ECCOborders Betotop profiles are placed on top of a concrete coping. They are self-locking, so cannot move after placement. If desired, the profiles can be fixed to the coping stone with cement.


The Betotop Wirtz profile for the Wirtz copings is a V-profile (b1 is width at the top & b2 is the the width at the bottom).

  • ECCOborders Wirtz 16 Inox (lxb1-b2xh): 200 x 1,6-4 x 7 cm
  • ECCOborders Wirtz 16 Cor-ten (lxb1-b2xh): 200 x 1,6-4 x 7 cm


  • Inox: grey color
  • Cor-ten: rust color


  • Inox 316: 0.8 mm. Inox is a stainless steel (also called stainless steel), inox is an alloy consisting mainly of iron, chromium, nickel and carbon.
  • Cor-ten or Corten steel: 1 mm. Corten steel is a metal alloy consisting of iron to which copper, phosphorus, silicon, nickel and chromium are added.


ECCOborders BETOTOP weighs approximately 2.7 kg.

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