ECCOborders Easyfix CS

ECCOborders Easyfix is the smart successor to ECCOborders BASIC and was conceptually conceived based on input from professional users. Easyfix edging is designed to provide an easy, quick and aesthetic way to finish garden paths, terraces, flower and lawn beds. Characterized by their easy installation and detail-rich application possibilities and various designs. If you are looking for a quality, yet simple edging, the ECCOborders Easyfix is a great choice!

They are available in Cor-ten steel(rust color) and Galva(gray color). Easyfix is suitable for all areas that are not driven on such as paved surfaces, patio, flower bed, lawn, vegetable garden, …

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Quick and easy installation

Easyfix CS is unique for its easy installation, numerous application possibilities and various designs. The broders are available in Cor-ten steel and Galva. The Easyfix CS (custom shape) is used for any curved shape in your project.

Easy placement

Easyfix borders are quick and easy to install using a hammer.


All ECCOborders EASYFIX borders have a curved top edge for optimum safety in use, with no sharp edges. One can feel free to walk barefoot on the edgings, our border edges are also child-friendly and animal-friendly that way.


Anchoring that can be placed randomly depending on your project.

User friendly

ECCOborders Easyfix are flexible and sturdy all at once, and can be bent into 90° angles as well as flowing shapes.

Anchoring pins

All our ECCOborders Easyfix borders consist of long anchoring pins with high impact resistance.

Visibility of mounting material

ECCOborders Easyfix borders have only limited visibility of the mounting material after installation.

Easyfix were specially designed to install quicky and easily, all you need is a hammer and the installation guide as described below. Easy as 1,2,3!

1. EASYFIX Border

Can be used both in straight lines and in slightly sloping shapes.

2. EASYFIX Pocket

The anchoring pockets can be placed randomly.

3. EASYFIX Anchor

Solid anchoring thanks to the long pins with high impact resistance.


  • Galva 0,08 cm and Cor-Ten steel 0,10 cm
  • 10 cm or 15 cm height

Dimensions borders

  • Easyfix 100 Galva: 240 x 0,08 x 10 cm
  • Easyfix 100 Corten: 240 x 0,10 x 10 cm
  • Hoogte ankers Easyfix 100: 34 cm
  • Afmetingen pocket 100: 12 x 9,6 cm
  • Easyfix 150 Galva: 240 x 0,08 x 15 cm
  • Easyfix 150 Corten: 240 x 0,10 x 15 cm
  • Height of anchors Easyfix 150: 34 cm
  • Dimensions pocket 150: 12 x 14.6 cm


Available in 2 versions : galva (0.08 cm) and Cor-ten steel (0.10 cm). Pockets in custom colours (gray or brown) according to the version chosen.

Content package

The package includes 6 borders of 240 cm each, 18 pockets and 18 anchoring pins, good for handling almost 15 running meters of edging.