ECCOborders Metalflex

With the Metalflex, you ensure a perfect, subtle finish to your project. Its flexibility allows the Metalflex to be applicable at right angles and undulating shapes. The curved top guarantees optimal safety. Metalflex is the ideal edging for projects including ECCOgravel. Metalflex is manufactured from the highest quality materials, ensuring outstanding durability. In addition, this guardrail is quick and easy to install.

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Quick and easy to install, flexible capping in galva, available in 4 heights and ideal in combination with ECCOgravel.

Ideal in combination with ECCOGRAVEL

The Metalflex is highly compatible with ECCOgravel. The top layer of your gravel stabilization will come flush with the raised side of the Metalflex, minimizing visible areas.


Durable capping suitable for straight or curved lines. The edging is equipped with cutouts that allow the edging to follow your path perfectly.

The curved top guarantees optimum safety

The curved top guarantees optimum safety during installation and use.

Quick and easy to install

Lightweight borders that can be installed quickly and easily using a hammer and the provided installation materials.

Available in 4 heights

Metalflex 45 is perfect in combination with ECCOgravel 30 and Metalflex 60 offers an attractive edge finish for your projects with ECCOgravel 40.

Made of durable materials

Thanks to the high quality of the material, Metalflex ECCOborders have a long service life. The L-shaped base also makes them very stable.

Durable edging suitable for straight or curved lines with curved top edges for better protection during installation and use. A lightweight edging that is quick and easy to install.

1. Determine the path

Determine the path using a measuring tape and a rope.

2 In curves

This step is only necessary if ECCOborders Metalflex are placed in curved lines!

The base of the border is provided with cut-outs that allow you to follow your design perfectly.

3 Place the border

Place the borders in the shape of the line and fix the border by driving the nails provided with a hammer into the base of the L-shape.

4 Connect the metalflex borders

The edges can be fastened together with bolts and nuts.

Material – Galva

  • METALFLEX H45: 240 cm x 0,10 cm x 4,5 cm
  • METALFLEX H60: 240 cm x 0,10 cm x 6 cm
  • METALFLEX H80: 240 cm x 0,10 cm x 8 cm
  • METALFLEX H100: 240 cm x 0,10 cm x 10 cm