Core Edge powered by ECCO

The CORE Edge powered by ECCO guards are made of 1.6mm mild steel and sufficiently strong for lawn mowers and light vehicles. These fexible, steel guards can be quickly installed without special tools. Easy to install in straight lines and curved shapes or bend on-site into corners.

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Each type of guardrail, with the exception of the patinated steel (Cor-ten), has a 20 micron galvanized zinc coating. The black (RAL 9005) demarcations have a 110 micron UV-resistant polyester powder coating that prevents discoloration and forms a durable, radiation-resistant coating, good for a guaranteed life of more than 20 years. Cor-ten guardrail takes on a stable rust look when exposed to the elements of nature. The steel oxidizes and this protective layer significantly slows the rate of future corrosion. The anchoring pins contain a unique fold in the middle, strengthening the ground anchor and making the guardrail ideal for use in heavier soil. In case of loose soil, an optional 300mm pin can be chosen to ensure stability. This accessory is available separately.

  • Easy installation
  • Weatherproof
  • Strong
  • Lawn and border edges
  • Finishing of paths and terrace
  • Flower bed or vegetable garden

Flexible steel edging!


Prepare the area you would like to install the edging. If the ground is hard, we would advise that you loosen the ground with a flat spade or pickaxe to make the edging easier to

Core Edge Installatie stap 1


Once the ground is prepped, begin by placing your first piece of CORE EDGE into the ground, up close to the edge you have formed. Ensure the edging is facing the correct way – with the logo facing outwards.

Core Edge Installatie stap 1


The best way to drive the edging into the ground would be using a block of wood and a hammer/mallet. The block of wood ensures the top of the edging doesn’t get damaged and makes installation safer.

Core Edge Installatie stap 1


Once your first length is in, you can then attach your second length by securing them together using the large connecting tab at the top of each piece of edging.

Core Edge Installatie stap 1


After securing the edging at the top, take a pair of long nose pliers and then bend the locking tabs at the bottom back on themselves to fully secure the two pieces of CORE EDGE together.

Core Edge Installatie stap 1


Repeating steps 4 and 5 would usually be the way to finish your install, however, if you encounter particularly soft ground, our 300mm rebar extension pins can be used. Take the clip and pop it through the window on the spike first.

Core Edge Installatie stap 1


Once the clip is secure through the window in the spike, take the 300mm rebar pin and place it through the hole and hold it in place. Take your hammer/mallet and tap down at first – then when its gone through – you can strike down to bury the spike to the top of the clip.

Core Edge Installatie stap 1


The finished result will leave a crisp and neat finish to your garden borders. Here is a straight line edge, but the edging can be curved or bent into 90 degree angles for corners – see for yourself by scanning the QR code to the video above.

Core Edge Installatie stap 1


  • Material: Flexible steel
  • Material thickness: 1.6mm
  • Overall length: 1075mm
  • Usable length: 1000mm
  • Number per package: 5 borders (5m total)