Eccoborder Flex Panel

The ECCOborder Flex Panel is an easy to install 2m40 straight slat, ideal for sleek and straight edging and creating 90° angles.

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This flexible border is an economical alternative to wood or metal edging. The border edge can be installed with rounded or flat finishing edge at the top, making it the most versatile solution on the market.

ECCOborder Flex Panel is also available in 2 colors, just like the ECCOborder Flex.

This border edge is available in two colors. There is a gray version or a version in black, the colour and composition may vary due to use of recycled material.

  • Easy to install 2m40 straight slat
  • Ideal for sleek and straight edging and creating 90° angles
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Made of recycled PVC and 100% recyclable
  • To be installed with rounded or flat finish edge at top
  • Excellent value for money
  • Fastening by means of Multi Profile anchoring
  • Economical alternative to wood or metal edging

Suitable for a wide variety of applications:

  • Lawn edging
  • Edging of gravel paths
  • Flower bed, vegetable garden, …
  • Pond edging

Fast docking

Step 1: Preparation

Create a trench according to the chosen placement shape.
ECCOborder Flex Panel is a 2m40 straight slat that is ideal for installing straight and sleek borders

Step 2: Placement

Place the ECCOborder Flex Panel at least 2/3 into the ground, in the slot provided for that purpose. You can install the ECCOborder Flex Panel with a flat or rounded top edge, depending on your choice.

Step 3: Anchoring

Tap the Multi Profile anchors into the ground using a rubber or wooden mallet. The Multi Profile anchoring ensures increased stability. The top of the posts come about 3 cm lower than the top edge of the ECCOborder Flex Panel.

Step 4: Confirmation

Depending on the application, we recommend an anchoring every 80 to 100 cm. ADVICE: Attach the ECCOborder Flex Panel to the Multi Profile posts with self-drilling countersunk screws, length 45 mm.

Step 5: Finishing

Finish both sides of the border with soil, bark or gravel according to the chosen application.

Material: recycled PVC
Color*: Gray or black
Height: 14 cm
Length of slat: 2m40
Thickness: 4.5 mm, top and bottom edges 8 mm

(*) Colour and composition may vary due to the use of recycled material