Multi Profile Anchoring

Solid anchoring suitable for edging in all types of materials.

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  • Optimal anchoring and stability through alternate soil displacement
  • The cavities in the profiles provide an unseen counterforce
  • Alternating profile structure results in better vertical guidance
  • Manufactured from a recycled plastic blend that combines high impact strength and rigidity
  • No danger of milling out due to patented wall structure
  • The screw passes through as many as 4 screw faces
  • Universal anchoring suitable for all types of edgings
  • Can be used in combination with all types of guards
  • Easy installation

Simple screwing

  • To be attached with self-drilling countersunk head screws, length 45 mm (not included)
  • Always screw in on the flat side in the upper 18 cm
  • MATERIAL: Recycled plastic mix
  • COLOR: Black
  • HEIGHT: 38 cm or 58 cm
  • SCREW PLANE: 18 cm