Drainbase Fixing Cap

The artificial grass can be randomly fixed with the customised fixing caps and accompanying screws. In addition, the caps make it easy to attach Drainbase borders to the artificial grass.

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The Drainbase system comes with matching fixing caps and screws that can be clicked into the plate. These fixing caps attach the artificial grass and the border to the Drainbase tiles.

  • Easy to install
  • Accompanying screws and bit
  • Artificial grass can be randomly attached to the tile

With the provided fixing caps and accompanying screws, the artificial grass can be randomly fixed to the Drainbase tiles.


  • Place the fixing caps in places where you wish to additionally fix the artificial grass, ideally every 80 to 100 cm. When doing so, avoid the very outer row of the Drainbase tile.


  • Screw the artificial grass in place using the bit and screws provided.
  • Quantity: 50 fixing caps and screws per bag
  • Material: PPC (polypropylene carbonate)
  • Includes bit for installation