Anyone who would like gabions in their garden and likes to roll up their sleeves for a change can get to work themselves with ECCOfence KIT gabions. Even in places where a crane cannot reach, ECCOfence KIT gabions are the ideal solution. This handy and professional construction kit consists of durable materials.

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The package includes really everything you need to assemble the gabions: from nuts to screws, as well as spacers (which prevent the gabion from deforming over time). Moreover, ECCOfence KIT gabions are quick and easy to install thanks to handy installation instructions that explain everything step by step. There is an appropriate ECCOfence KIT for every project.

ECCOfence KIT gabions are available in four heights: 50, 100, 150 and 200 cm. You can still adjust the height by placing your pedestal deeper into the ground. More info on this can be found here.

The width is always 20 cm and the length 201 cm. Using a grinding wheel and a cutter, you can easily adjust ECCOfence KIT gabions in length.

Proffesional all-inclusive kit

The professional kit includes really everything you need to assemble the gabions: not only the nets, sides, feet, wedge bolts, spacers (which prevent the gabion from deforming over time) but also the necessary nuts, screws, washers… Also, each package includes a universal laying plan that explains step-by-step installation to you.

All you need to provide yourself is concrete (min. to bearing ground) and your tools (diamond drill Ø 12, ring ratchet 13-19 mm, hammer and grinding wheel).

To be assembled and filled on site

You do not need a crane or forklift to install ECCOfence KIT gabions! You can easily assemble the gabion basket yourself, and fill it by hand. You can fill ECCOfence KIT gabions with ECCOfence fills (Belgian Blue, Belgian Red, Carrara, Grafrado, Lava or Sillistone) or choose any other stone or wood chips of your choice.

Easy and quick installation

When designing ECCOfence KIT gabions, great attention was paid to ease of use. ECCOfence KIT stone baskets assemble in no time. No need to fumble with hundreds of clamps to attach the various parts, no need for a pair of expensive gabion basket pliers. Moreover, the netting is already the correct height for your gabion basket. So a KIT 200 also has a net that is 1.9 meters high. Therefore, there is no need to place multiple overlapping nets on top of each other, which makes the stones less visible. Also, the mesh is 50 x 50 mm, meaning you can choose from a wide selection of fillers.

Easy to do custom work yourself

An ECCOfence KIT gabion is 201 cm long as standard. Do you only need a wall that is about 1 metre in length for instance? No problem! You can easily customise the gabion basket by cutting the floor plate with a grinding disc, and the netting with a pair of cable cutters. After the adjustment, treat the affected surfaces with a zinc-aluminium spray and you’re done!

Subtle transition between baskets

ECCOfence KIT gabions were developed so that the transition between two gabions is very subtle. The stone baskets can also be very easily attached to each other using the holes provided in the sides for that purpose, so that your stone baskets are always in a nice straight line.

Corresponding kit bags available

A commonly known problem with gabions is that people provide too much or too little fill or that the stones are too small or too large for the gabions. Thanks to ECCOfence KIT Bags, this problem is a thing of the past. We bieden een assortiment aan van 6 verschillende vullingen (Belgisch Blauw, Belgisch Rood, Carrara, Grafrado, Lava en Sillistone). Not only is the caliber of the stones perfectly adapted to ECCOfence KIT gabions, but we also measure the required fill for you. This way you can be sure that you get the right filling.

ECCOfence KIT BAGS exist in 4 sizes for the 4 corresponding ECCOfence KIT gabions:

  • KIT BAG 50 for ECCOfence KIT 50
  • KIT BAG 100 for ECCOfence KIT 100
  • KIT BAG 150 for ECCOfence KIT 150
  • KIT BAG 200 for ECCOfence KIT 200

You can recognize ECCOfence KIT BAGS by the logo on the bag.

Little space lost due to moderate width

ECCOfence KIT gabions are only 20 cm wide. As a result, they provide only a slight loss of space, but at the same time do not lose strength. For this reason, ECCOfence KIT gabions can safely be used to protect parking lots, buildings, but even as retaining walls.

Floating installation possible

ECCOfence KIT (and PRO) gabions can be installed floating. Floating placement has 3 major advantages:

  • Floating placement prevents contamination of the bottom layer of stones by splashing water which means less maintenance.
  • Floating placement allows lighting to be provided at the bottom of the basket.
  • Floating placement allows small animals to crawl under the basket, so you don’t disturb biodiversity. In addition, you can sow grass or provide plants under the gabions.

Choice of 5 stones

For ECCOfence KIT gabions, you can choose from 5 ECCOfence stones:

  • Belgian Blue – a blue-gray broken fracture stone with a caliber of 40-63 mm
  • Belgian Red – a red with white veins crushed quarry stone with a caliber of 60-100 mm
  • Carrara – a white boulder with a caliber of 60-100 mm
  • Grafrado – a beige crushed quarry stone with a caliber of 60-90 mm
  • Sillistone – a white-gray boulder with a caliber of 60-100 mm


ECCOfence is ideal as fencing to replace or complement traditional fencing with wire or wood. ECCOfence is a high quality product that requires virtually no maintenance and has a very long lifespan (unlike, e.g., wood that can eventually discolor or even rot). ECCOfence involves little loss of space (only 16.5 cm width with Alubox and 20 cm with PRO & KIT) without sacrificing safety. ECCOfence consists of full wire panels, even at a height of 200 cm, so you don’t have the noticeable transitions that occur with block fencing).


Looking to enclose your terrace? CCOfence is certainly an ideal choice for you. ECCOfence gabion baskets have a natural look and suit both a sleek and a more rural environment.

Protection of buildings

In addition, you can also use ECCOfence gabion baskets to protect buildings or commercial premises, as they are solidly anchored in concrete.

Parking area enclosure

ECCOfence gabion baskets can also be used as fences for your parking areas or bicycle parking areas.


Looking to promote your company? ECCOfence can help; its sleek and high-quality gabion baskets are sure to draw attention to your company logo or slogan.

Retaining wall

ECCOfence is also an option for retaining walls, thanks to the fact that the gabion baskets are anchored in concrete, giving them tremendous load-bearing strength. All you need to do is place a cloth where the ground presses against the gabion basket to prevent washout, and you are done.

When you choose an ECCOfence KIT gabion fence, you are choosing an all-in package. The package includes not only your gabion basket with the netting, sides, bottom and top net, but also all the necessary wedge bolts (for anchoring in the ground), screws, nuts, spacers with wooden blocks to even cover caps. So you don’t even need to purchase any more accessories. ECCOfence is always installed on concrete, so that it is securely anchored. You can install ECCOfence KIT both floating (less contamination) and non-floating. To install ECCOfence KIT gabions, proceed as follows:

1.Place concrete foundation

When installing ECCOfence KIT, always provide a sufficiently expanded foundation in concrete (min. 350 kg cement/m³) placed level. Multiple options are available:

OPTION 1: Installation on a concrete strip footing that is at least 50 cm wide (the length of the strip footing depends on the length of the wall) and at least 30 cm deep. The in-situ concrete is always poured onto the load-bearing ground.
OPTION 2: Work with piers made from concrete poured on site. The piers must be at least 50 x 50 x 50 cm and at least reach down to the load-bearing ground.
OPTION 3: Working with ECCOfence Alubox ground anchors and quick-drying concrete. These pedestals already have the required size and composition.
A concrete foundation needs at least 1 week of curing time.

2. Mark out jack screws reference base

Mark out the studs using the ECCOfence KIT base. The first foot serves as the reference foot to determine the distance.

3. Drilling holes in foundation

Drill the holes in the concrete using a diamond-tipped drill bit (Ø 12).

4. Securing wedge bolts

Hammer the anchor bolts into the concrete and tighten the nuts.

5. Place the reference foot

Place the reference foot on the keil bolts and screw on the nuts. Check that the base is level and, if necessary, make further adjustments using the nuts. Cut the wedge bolt using a grinding wheel and place the cover caps on it.

6. Placing base plate on foot

Place the base plate on the base and place the 2nd base. There are markings on the feet that indicate to where the base plate should go.

7. Placing second foot

For the 2nd foot, repeat steps 2 through 5.

8. Placing side

Place the 1st side + reinforcement plate on the reference foot and base plate and fasten. Then fasten the side and the reinforcement plate together.

9. Placing second side

Place the side + reinforcement plate on the 2nd foot and attach it. Then fasten the side and the reinforcement plate together.

10. Sliding nets into the basket

Slide the nets into the basket.

11. Placing spacers

Install the bottom row of spacers (these ensure that the basket does not deform). The laying plan shows where the spacers should go. It is very important that these locations be strictly respected. Then place the wooden blocks on the spacers. De houten blokjes beschermen de afstandhouders tijdens het vullen.

12. Filling first level basket

Fill the basket to just above the spacers and the wooden blocks. Carefully remove the wooden blocks. In order to obtain a better density, tap the gabion basket with a wooden mallet (to allow the stones to settle further).

13. Fill next levels

Repeat steps 11 and 12 for the following levels.

14. Attaching upper net

Place the top net on the basket and secure it with the plastic strips.

The standard dimensions of ECCOfence KIT stone baskets are (lxwxh* in cm):

  • ECCOfence KIT 50: 201 x 20 x 50 cm
  • ECCOfence KIT 100: 201 x 20 x 100 cm
  • ECCOfence KIT 150: 201 x 20 x 150 cm
  • ECCOfence KIT 200: 201 x 20 x 200 cm

* The height of the baskets is always incl. the base (height: 9 cm). The following items are included in an ECCOfence KIT package:

  • 2 feet: these are hot-dipped galvanized. Width of bottom foot is 34 cm, distance from center of keil bolt to center of keil bolt is 29 cm. The total height of the foot is 9.4 cm. The foot is also equipped with 2 fitting points for calibrating the base plate.
  • 1 base plate of 201 cm in length and 20 cm in width: it is made of a V-profile in sendzimir of 215 g/m², the length of the base plate is made so that it automatically calibrates the distance between 2 feet in order to perfectly fit the nets. The base plate is reinforced to such an extent that it makes floating installation perfectly possible. The advantage of floating placement is that the bottom layer of stones of the basket will not be contaminated by splashing water.
  • 2 baskets: they are treated with a 340 g/m² zinc and aluminium alloy as standard. The wiring of the baskets is 4 mm wide, and the mesh for the baskets is 50 x 50 mm.
  • 2 sides incl. reinforcement plates : these are serrated sheets in sendzimir 215 g/m². Thanks to the reinforced sides, the risk of bending in the basket is reduced to a minimum. Standard holes are provided to compensate for height differences. From a height of 1 meter, an additional reinforcement angle is provided. Holes are also already provided in the side plates for attaching several ECCOfence KIT gabions to each other (so that they stand nicely in a straight line). If desired, you can optionally order a side net so that the stones are also visible from the side.
  • 1 upper net of 201 cm length. These also have a 340 g/m² zinc-aluminum alloy. The wiring of the baskets is 4 mm wide, and the mesh for the baskets is 50 x 50 mm. The top net is bent at the side, making it very easy for the basket to be installed. The top net is then secured with 6 plastic strips (also included in the package).
  • Connecting hooks or spacers (6 for KIT 50, 24 for KIT 100, 36 for KIT 150 and 48 for KIT 200): these are specially designed so that the nets are fixed both outward and inward. This prevents the nets from falling against each other during filling and ensures that they will not bend over time. Also included in the package are 6 wooden blocks that protect the hooks during filling.
  • 4 keilbouten M12. The wedge bolts have a 12 mm diameter drill hole and a depth of 85 mm. The tensile load is 2,150 kg. So a single anchor bolt can carry a tremendous amount of weight. Because such an anchor bolt requires sufficient anchoring, they must always be anchored in concrete (at least 350 kg cement/m³). So this should not be anchored with stabilizer.
  • Also included in the package are all the nuts, bolts and even cover caps. All you need to provide yourself is concrete (min. to bearing ground) and your tools (diamond drill Ø 12, ring ratchet or socket wrench 13-19 mm, hammer and possibly grinding wheel).

Optional additional order:

  • A side netting (340 g/m² zinc-aluminum alloy). You only need this if the bricks should be visible from the side. You do not need this if the gabions start and end against a wall or hedge, for example.
  • A foot for making an angle. This special foot can be used for 90° angles as well as others.
  • Finally, you can also optionally order energy-efficient LED lighting to mount at the bottom of the basket.

The ideal caliber for filling ECCOfence KIT, depending on the shape of the stones, is between 40 mm and 100 mm. The usage conversion in m³ is:

  • ECCOfence KIT 50: 0,17 m³
  • ECCOfence KIT 100: 0,38 m³
  • ECCOfence KIT 150: 0,59 m³
  • ECCOfence KIT 200: 0,80 m³