ECCOfence Alubox

Gabion baskets – also known as stone baskets or gabions – are a fun alternative to a traditional hedge or a boring fence. Give your garden or outdoor project some extra grandeur with ECCOfence® gabion baskets! Our modern, decorative gabion baskets seamlessly combine natural materials with sleek design. Just as every work of art deserves a nice frame, your garden too is entitled to its ECCOfence® gabion basket.

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In addition to the DIY ECCOfence KIT, there is also the ECCOfence Alubox DIY kit. ECCOfence Alubox is a narrow (only 16.5 cm) and trendy gabion basket. The unique thing about Alubox is that it has an aluminium top profile, so it can be perfectly used as a garden table or bench. ECCOfence Alubox is the ideal solution for areas that are inaccessible to cranes as well, as you can assemble and fill the gabion basket yourself in the blink of an eye. There is a suitable ECCOfence Alubox for every project, and it comes in four heights: 40, 90, 140, and 190 cm. The standard length for a gabion basket is always 201 cm, but you can easily adjust the Alubox to the desired length using a grinding disc and a pair of cable cutters.

Professional all-in construction kit

This professional construction kit truly has everything you need to assemble the gabion baskets: not only the netting, ends, feet, anchor bolts, spacers (which keep the gabion basket from deforming over time),
but also the required nuts, screws, washers… Also, each kit contains a universal layout plan, explaining the installation step by step. The only thing you need to provide is concrete (at least down to the load-bearing ground) and your tools (diamond-tipped drill bit Ø 12, ring ratchet wrench 13-19 mm, hammer, and grinding disc).

To be assembled and filled on site

No crane or forklift truck is needed for the installation of ECCOfence KIT gabion baskets! You can easily assemble the gabion basket yourself, and fill it by hand. You can fill the ECCOfence KIT gabion baskets with ECCOfence fillers (Belgian Bluestone, Belgian Rouge Royal, Carrara, Grafrado, Lava, or Sillistone) or you can choose any other type of stone or woodchip you desire.

Little space lost due to moderate width

ECCOfence Alubox gabion baskets are only 16.5 cm wide. This is why they cause only limited loss of space, while still being usable as garden table or garden bench.

Design look

ECCOfence Alubox gabion baskets have aluminium ends and an aluminium top profile, giving this gabion basket a very trendy appearance. The ECCOfence Alubox netting is galvanised.

Multiple applications

ECCOfence Alubox can be used not only as an enclosure for the garden, but also as a garden bench or garden table.

Easy and quick installation

A great deal of attention was given to ease of use during the design of ECCOfence Alubox gabion baskets. You can put together ECCOfence Alubox gabion baskets in the blink of an eye. No need to fumble with hundreds of clamps to attach the various parts, no need for a pair of expensive gabion basket pliers. Moreover, the netting is already the correct height for your gabion basket. So an Alubox 190 has netting that is 190 cm in height. Therefore, there is no need to place multiple overlapping nets on top of each other, which makes the stones less visible. Also, the mesh is 50 x 50 mm, meaning you can choose from a wide selection of fillers.

Easy to do custom work yourself

The standard length of an ECCOfence Alubox gabion basket is 201 cm. Do you only need a wall that is about 1 metre in length for instance? No problem! You can easily customise the gabion basket by cutting the floor plate with a grinding disc, and the netting with a pair of cable cutters. After the adjustment, treat the affected surfaces with a zinc-aluminium spray and you’re done!

Choice of 5 types of stones

For ECCOfence Alubox gabions, you can choose from 5 ECCOfence stones:

  • Belgian Blue – a blue-gray broken fracture stone with a caliber of 40-63 mm
  • Belgian Red – a red with white veins crushed quarry stone with a caliber of 60-100 mm
  • Carrara – a white boulder with a caliber of 60-100 mm
  • Grafrado – a beige crushed quarry stone with a caliber of 60-90 mm
  • Sillistone – a white-gray boulder with a caliber of 60-100 mm

Applications of gabions

ECCOfence is ideal as fencing to replace or complement traditional fencing with wire or wood. ECCOfence is a high quality product that requires virtually no maintenance and has a very long lifespan (unlike, e.g., wood that can eventually discolor or even rot). ECCOfence involves little loss of space (only 16.5 cm width with Alubox and 20 cm with PRO & KIT) without sacrificing safety. ECCOfence consists of full wire panels, even at a height of 200 cm, so you don’t have the noticeable transitions that occur with block fencing).


Looking to enclose your terrace? CCOfence is certainly an ideal choice for you. ECCOfence gabion baskets have a natural look and suit both a sleek and a more rural environment.

Protection of buildings

In addition, you can also use ECCOfence gabion baskets to protect buildings or commercial premises, as they are solidly anchored in concrete.

Parking area enclosure

ECCOfence gabion baskets can also be used as fences for your parking areas or bicycle parking areas.


Looking to promote your company? ECCOfence can help; its sleek and high-quality gabion baskets are sure to draw attention to your company logo or slogan.

Retaining wall

ECCOfence is also an option for retaining walls, thanks to the fact that the gabion baskets are anchored in concrete, giving them tremendous load-bearing strength. All you need to do is place a cloth where the ground presses against the gabion basket to prevent washout, and you are done.

When you choose an ECCOfence Alubox gabion fence, you are choosing an elegant and trendy gabion. ECCOfence Alubox is slightly cheaper in price than ECCOfence KIT & ECCOfence PRO, without sacrificing quality. Thanks to the aluminum sides and top profile, you choose a modern and trendy gabion basket. Each ECCOfence Alubox package always includes one fitting plate, sufficient spacers and wooden blocks. CCOfence is always installed on concrete, so that it is securely anchored. Follow these steps for the installation of ECCOfence Alubox gabion baskets:

1. Installing the concrete foundation

When installing ECCOfence Alubox, you must always provide sufficiently robust foundations that are level. Multiple options are available:

  • OPTION 1: Installation on a concrete strip footing that is at least 50 cm wide (the length of the strip footing depends on the length of the wall) and at least 30 cm deep. The in-situ concrete is always poured onto the load-bearing ground.
  • OPTION 2: Work with piers made from concrete poured on site. The piers must be at least 50 x 50 x 50 cm and at least reach down to the load-bearing ground.
  • OPTION 3: Working with ECCOfence Alubox ground anchors and quick-drying concrete. These pedestals already have the required size and composition.
  • OPTION 4: Work with ECCOfence Alubox ground anchors and rapid concrete. You can attach 2 ends to 1 ground anchor (1 ground anchor contains 4 anchor bolts). So for 2 Aluboxes placed against one another, you only need 3 ground anchors.

A concrete foundation requires at least 1 week of hardening. Quick-drying concrete has a hardening time of 2 hours.

2. Marking out and securing the anchor bolts

Mark out the anchor bolts using the ECCOfence Alubox ends and the supplied fitting slab. The first end serves as a reference point to determine the distance. The fitting slab helps to determine the distance.

Drill the holes in the concrete using a diamond-tipped drill bit (Ø 12). Hammer the anchor bolts into the concrete and tighten the nuts. The anchor bolts do not come with the Alubox. You must always use M12 anchor bolts.

If you are working with the ground anchor, you only need to dig the hole about 50 cm deep, mount the ground anchor, place it in the hole and adjust it if needed so that it is level !!

3. Inserting the netting into the basket

The ECCOfence Alubox netting slides very easily into the ends thanks to the special grooves in the side of the ECCOfence Alubox.

4. Placing the basket into the anchor bolts/ground anchor

Place the assembled ECCOfence Alubox onto the anchor bolts or onto the ground anchor without tightening the nuts.

5. Installing the bottom row of spacers

Install the bottom row of spacers (these ensure that the basket does not deform). The layout plan indicates the location where the spacers should go. It is very important that these locations be strictly respected.

6. Tightening anchor bolt or ground anchor nuts

Once the bottom row of spacers has been placed, tighten the nuts for the anchor bolts and verify that the gabion basket is level. If necessary, adjust the gabion basket using the nuts from the anchor bolts or the ground anchor.

!! If you are using the ground anchor, pour the quick-drying concrete into the hole and add water. Use about 75 kg of quick-drying concrete per ground anchor. The hardening time for quick-drying concrete is about 2 hours. !!

7. Placing the wooden blocks onto the spacers

Place the wooden blocks onto the spacers. The wooden blocks protect the spacers during the filling process (so that they do not deform).

8. Filling the first basket level

Fill the basket to just above the spacers and the wooden blocks. Carefully remove the wooden blocks. In order to obtain a better density, tap the gabion basket with a wooden mallet (to allow the stones to settle further).

9. Filling the next levels

Repeat steps 5, 7, and 8 for the next levels.

10. Sliding the top profile onto the gabion basket

Slide the aluminium top profile onto the gabion basket.

The standard dimensions for ECCOfence KIT gabion baskets are (LxWxH* in cm):

  • ECCOfence Alubox 40: 201 x 16,5 x 40 cm
  • ECCOfence Alubox 90: 201 x 16,5 x 90 cm
  • ECCOfence Alubox 140: 201 x 16,5 x 140 cm
  • ECCOfence Alubox 190: 201 x 16,5 x 190 cm

An ECCOfence Alubox contains the following items:

2 aluminium ends (L profile) with an EN AW-6060 T66 alloy and a tolerance in accordance with EN 755-9. The width of the end is 16.5 cm (= width of the gabion basket). The L-profile ends are also provided with 2 holes for the M12 anchor bolts or M12 ground anchor (both can be ordered as options).

2 baskets: they are treated with a 340 g/m² zinc and aluminium alloy as standard. The wiring of the baskets is 4 mm wide, and the mesh for the baskets is 50 x 50 mm.

Connection hooks or spacers (12 for Alubox 40, 18 for Alubox 90, 36 for Alubox 140 and 48 for Alubox 190): they were specially developed so that the netting is secured both inwardly and outwardly. This prevents the netting from collapsing on itself during the filling process, and ensures that the netting will not bend over time.

Installation material included with your order:

1 fitting slab: 1.98 cm in length and 16.5 cm wide: the fitting slab is a galvanised plate with a thickness of 1.2 mm, and is made so that it automatically calibrates the distance between two ends, thus ensuring that the baskets are perfectly flush.

6 wooden blocks are also included in the kit to protect the hooks during the filling process.

Required choice for your order:

  • 1 top profile: 201 cm in length and 16.5 cm wide. The top profile also consists of an EN AW-6060 T66 aluminium alloy and tolerance in accordance with EN 755-9 OR
  • if you prefer a galvanised top net over an aluminium top profile, this is also possible.

The top net has a 340 g/m² zinc and aluminium alloy. The wiring of the baskets is 4 mm wide, and the mesh for the baskets is 50 x 50 mm. The top net is 201 cm in length and 16.5 cm wide. The top net is bent at the side, making it very easy for the basket to be installed. The top net is then attached using 6 plastic strips (can be ordered as options).

The following items can be ordered as options:

  • 4 M12 anchor bolts per gabion basket: these anchor bolts have a drill hole that is 12 in diameter, and a depth of 85 mm. The tensile load is 2,150 kg. So a single anchor bolt can carry a tremendous amount of weight. You can also purchase the anchor bolts from another manufacturer. Because such an anchor bolt requires sufficient anchoring, they must always be anchored in concrete (at least 350 kg cement/m³). They may therefore not be anchored in stabilised sand OR
  • 1 ground anchor per gabion basket + 1 extra ground anchor for the first gabion basket: each ground anchor has 4 M12 bolts, as well as a floor plate and fitting slab. The advantage of the ground anchor is that you can work with quick-drying concrete (hardens in only 2 hours).

The ideal caliber for filling ECCOfence ALUBOX, depending on the shape of the stones, is between 40mm and 90mm.

The usage conversion in m³ is:

  • ECCOfence Alubox 40: 0,14 m³
  • ECCOfence Alubox 90: 0,31 m³
  • ECCOfence Alubox 140: 0,49 m³
  • ECCOfence Alubox 190: 0,66 m³