Tremendous focus was given to quality during the development of the ECCOgravel grid. ECCOgravel grids are manufactured from HDPE (High Density Polyethene). By nature, polyethylene – or polyethene – is more flexible than other plastics in the thermoplastic family, such as polypropylene (also called polypropene). In addition, polyethene (contrary to polypropene) withstands freezing temperatures better; the grid remains flexible even under freezing temperatures, keeping it from breaking or deforming when driven on. The pressure resistance of an ECCOgravel grid, when filled, goes up to 400 tonnes/m², making it ideally suited for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes.

Additionally, all ECCOgravel grids boast synthetic reinforcements between the honeycombs, giving them very high torque resistance. Torque loads are exerted when a car is maneuvering across the gravel surface (twisting and turning). These reinforcements keep the grid from deforming.

On top of that, all ECCOgravel grids are equipped with an exceedingly robust anti-rooting mat or geotextile from polyester, which is 100% bonded to the grid, keeping it from coming loose over time. There is a misconception that a geotextile should have a high density. This is incorrect: a geotextile must be strong, but at the same time water permeable (in other words: it must have an open structure) in order to allow rainwater to permeate into the substrate quickly. Anti-rooting mats that do not have an open structure, as do the ECCOgravel mats, may clog over time, which in turn creates puddles and mud on the gravel surface. If you choose an ECCOgravel grid equipped with a geotextile that allows for good water permeability, you no longer need to invest in a costly drainage system.

Lastly, ease of use was also considered. Indeed, ECCOgravel grids are relatively large (120 x 160 cm = 1,92/m² per grid), but they are bendable to a size of 120 x 80 cm for ease of transport (hence the name “ECCOgravel 30 Double” and “ECCOgravel 40 Double”). This means you can easily transport the mats yourself by car, while still allowing you to install large surfaces at a time.