The overall cost depends on several factors:

  • For instance: a vehicular application (e.g. driveway or parking area) requires more excavation than a non-vehicular application (e.g. walkway or terrace). After all, it is very important to provide a fully structured foundation (otherwise sinking might occur).
  • Then there is the choice of sheet. For a vehicular application, the ideal choice is a sheet that is 4 cm in thickness (as this provides a better distribution of forces). While for a non-vehicular application, a sheet with a thickness of 3 cm will certainly suffice.
  • Additionally, there are so many different types of gravel on the market in different price categories (there are gravel types that start at € 2/m², but of course prices vary from type to type, in accordance with your needs and applications). Lastly, the total cost depends on the size of the project.

In short, for a fully accurate price offer, please visit one of our distributors or installers.