Tree Border circles

ECCO Tree Borders are quality corten steel tree borders/tree circles that give your tree the accent it deserves.

Not only do Tree Borders provide an aesthetically pleasing accent, but they are also easy to install in three convenient steps.

Also, the maintenance of your trees becomes much more convenient thanks to the use of ECCO Tree Borders. They prevent bark damage and weed growth around the trunk.

The ECCO Tree Borders are available in three sizes.

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Quality tree edging/tree circles in Cor-ten steel that give your tree the accent it deserves.

Aesthetically pleasing

Thanks to the use of high-quality Corten steel, it is possible to give your tree the accent it deserves.

Easy installation

ECCO Tree Borders are quick and easy to install using a hammer or by pushing the Tree Border into soil yourself.

Easy maintenance

Thanks to ECCO Tree Borders, maintaining your trees becomes much easier, ECCO Tree Borders also prevent bark damage with electronic, manual lawn mowers. ECCO Tree borders prevent weed growth around the trunk, eliminating the need to use chemical herbicides around or on the trunk.

Available in 3 sizes

ECCO Tree Borders are available in 3 sizes: with a diameter of 500 mm, 750 mm and 1000 mm. Also, the border width differs per size: 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm.

For placement and installation in either

  • Gravel zones
  • (urban) gardens
  • Paved areas
  • Parks

Quality tree edging/tree circles in Cor-ten steel that give your tree the accent it deserves. Easy to install in just 3 steps:

1. Put the two halves together

The tree circles consist of 2 halves that can be easily put together using a plate and supplied bolts.

2. Place the tree circle in the ground

When the two halves are connected, push or hammer the tree circles into the ground.

3. Padding with material of your choice

Then you can fill the area around the trunk with gravel or bark or another material of your choice.


Cor-ten steel

Dimensions tree borders

50 COR-TEN: Ø 500 mm, edge width 100 mm 75 COR-TEN: Ø 750 mm, edge width 150 mm 100 COR-TEN: Ø 1000 mm, edge width 200 mm


  • Available in 1 version : Cor-ten steel

Content package

1 package of ECCO Tree Borders contains the two halves (on one side a plate and on the other two bolts).
This also includes the 4 nuts to secure the Tree Border.