Absolutely, thanks to the open structure of the geotextile (anti-rooting mat) of all our ECCOgravel grids.

In order to guarantee an open and water-permeable structure, it is best not to choose gravel fractions finer than 4 mm. After installation, the gravel will settle, but it will still be permeable provided that you avoid the use of a fine chip size.

Fine particles (e.g. dust, sand, earth, remnants of leaves, …) washing onto the surface over time, will not affect the water permeability. These fine materials will fill the voids without continuing to be settle there. The gravel will continue to distribute the load. Due to the presence of the anti-rooting mat at the bottom of the honeycomb structure, fine fractions (e.g. dust) will not wash into the underlying foundations. This guarantees the water buffering properties of the foundations in the long term.