Either too little gravel was used during the placement, or the wrong kind of gravel was chosen. If gravel settles considerably after placement (this is especially the case if the minimum and maximum fractions show strong variation), this is in itself problematic. This will only manifest itself during the first few weeks after placement. Once the gravel is settled, it will not sink any further. The anti-rooting mat underneath the ECCOgravel grids helps to ensure this. We strongly advise against the mechanical compression of the gravel after the installation of the gravel grids, for instance with the use of a disk cutter.

For ECCOgravel 40 Double, about 80 kg of gravel per m² is provided, for ECCOgravel 30 Double about 65 kg of gravel per m². The surface layer must be about 1 to 2 cm (depending on the type of gravel).