The following parameters were taken into account while selecting plant types:

  • Aesthetic value (e.g. flowering): large variety of at least 10 sedum types.
  • Drought resistance depending on substrate thickness, substrate composition, and water buffering. Since each sedum species thrives optimally under slightly different climatic conditions, a large variety of sedum species gives more security.
  • Rate of multiplication, to prevent proliferation of a particular species.
  • Regenerative capacity after extreme drought.
  • Different flowering periods: precultivation of ECCOsedum green roofs uses cuttings, which are offshoots of mother plants that are cut off. To decide on the right amount of cutting for each kind of sedum, it is important to know how quickly it multiplies after planting (this is to avoid monoculture). By using production fields (mother plants) with one sedum species each, the right mix of cuttings can always be guaranteed, which is important for varied roof vegetation.

ECCOsedum green roofs contain at least 7 kinds of sedum:

  • Sedum Immergrunchen
  • Sedum Album
  • Sedum Reflexum
  • Sedum Sexangulare
  • Sedum Acre
  • Sedum Spurium
  • Sedum Lydium

The choice of mix of cutting material and dosage of each type was carefully studied with plant experts. The ECCOsedum green roof system was also subjected to long-term testing on roofs and simulated extreme weather conditions. After several tests, the final sedum mix proved to be extremely efficient.