Yes, because bee mortality is caused by (in order of importance):

  1. the large amount of maize that is being planted: maize has pollen with a very low calorific value, so that bees assuming they have sufficient supplies for winter end up weakened by a lack of nutrition;
  2. the presence of the varroa mite and parasitic fungi;
  3. the use of pesticides. Note that this only comes in third place. Imidacloprid (Confidor) in particular is subject to heavy criticism. Complaints have also been voiced regarding the application of a mix of different pesticides. When examining garden plants, 57 substances were found, almost all of them legal, but classified by some environmental organisations as toxic and therefore as poisonous plants. As a result of these actions, chains and supermarkets are required to deliver plants that are free from any illegal and toxic substances. They are asking their suppliers to sign a statement to this effect.

ECCOsedum trays are cultivated with absolute respect for beneficial insects. The time of application and the choice of pesticide are crucial in this regard. The ECCOsedum nursery registers pesticides, fertilisers, and energy under the Ecas-certified MPS label.