Yes, by doing the following:

Firstly, it is important that the depth of the manhole reaches to the rainwater reservoir. As for placement, the pavement stone cover must always be just below the finished surface level. The pavement stone cover must therefore be positioned no higher than the bottom of the ECCOgravel grids.

We advise against the use of stabilised sand in this setting, as you would need to break it open every time you wanted to reach the rainwater reservoir/water well. As a solution, we propose a concrete block placed on heavy-duty plastic (allowing you to pull out the concrete block with relative ease whenever necessary). You can then place the ECCOgravel on this concrete cover. In this scenario, we advise that you cut the grids to the size of the pavement stone cover (same size or at the most 5 cm larger), so that you do not need to move a large surface of grids and more importantly, gravel, every time.

Lastly, it is important to mark the location of the cover in order to find the rainwater reservoir, for instance by applying markings to a wall. Alternatively, you can indicate the corners of the ECCOgravel covering the rainwater reservoir with a different colour of gravel.