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Som virksomhed investerer ECCO i relationer og ønsker at samarbejde med ligesindede partnere, der deler vores vision om positiv forandring.

I overensstemmelse med vores mission er vi begejstrede for at introducere disse produkter til Danmark, hver designet med fokus på innovation, kvalitet og miljøvenlige praksisser.

Vores engagement i din succes går ud over at levere exceptionelle produkter. Kontakt os og udforsk, hvordan vi kan samarbejde for at gøre en meningsfuld forskel. Vælg ECCO Produkter som din partner i at skabe en grønnere, mere bæredygtig fremtid.



As a company, ECCO invests in relationships and wants to work with like-minded partners who share our vision for positive change.

In keeping with our mission, we are thrilled to introduce these products to Denmark, each designed with a focus on innovation, quality and eco-friendly practices.

Our commitment to your success goes beyond delivering exceptional products. Contact us and explore how we can work together to make a meaningful difference. Choose ECCO Products as your partner in creating a greener, more sustainable future.

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ECCOgravel Grids

ECCOgravel are strong, frost-resistant gravel grids made of HDPE, providing a functional and stable gravel paving that is also perfectly permeable.

The gravel grids measure 160 x 120 cm and come in 3 colours (white, black and grey) and 2 heights (3 and 4 cm).

ECCOgravel is the gravel stabilisation with very high compressive strength in filled and unfilled states and uses the most sophisticated bonding techniques. The polyester geotextile is thermally bonded, which reduces the risk of gravel getting under the gravel grid to zero.

ECCOdal grass grids

ECCOdal grass grids are strong grass grids made from recycled material that feature expansion joints to absorb thermal and mechanical stresses. ECCOdal grass grids provide a permeable suface, on which you can walk and drive, with a green touch.

With ECCOdal grass grids, you get a permeable, walkable and rideable pavement with an ecological character.

ECCOdal® grass grids can be used for different applications , making them ideally suited for walkways and garden paths, but also for your driveway or parking areas. ECCOdal grass grids are suitable for green car parks, driveways, carports as for walkways and garden paths, Campsites,  Fire access roads and ground reinforcements

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Flexible border edge on roll

This flexible edging is an economical alternative to wooden or metal edging. With ECCOborder Flex you can easily create a modern and sleek border.

The new border edge on roll makes it possible to delineate both straight and sloping shapes, for example for a gravel path or lawn edging.

The border can be installed with rounded or flat finishing edge at the top, making it the most versatile solution on the market. ECCOborder Flex is available in 2 colours.

ECCO is a trendsetter and manufacturer of permeable solutions for outdoor spaces and together with our partners, we want to move towards a greener future.

We have a clear mission, which is to make 20 million m² of water permeable and to do so by 2025. More so, we are going to double this every five years thereafter.