ECCOmarkers marker caps have a diameter of 85mm and are available in white or black. They are supplied with matching fixing screw TX30 7.5 x 212 to fix the marker cap in ECCOgravel gravel mats. A cover cap (ΓΈ 32 mm) is also supplied with the marker cap, so that the screw is no longer visible after installation and you obtain a nice finish. ECCOmarkers marking caps are always packed per 50 pieces. Count on 8 to 10 marking caps per parking space.


ECCOdal markers measure 74 x 74 mm and are only available in white. The parking caps consist of a rectangular fit for application with ECCOdal. The vertical tension ribs ensure that the marker cap clamps securely. The marking caps are made of polypropylene carbonate (PPC). ECCOdal marking caps are also packed per 50 pieces.

Demarcating parking spaces with marking caps