ECCOborders Betotop are high-quality U-profiles for finishing concrete border stones, both for new projects and renovation projects where concrete borders are already in place. These profiles are self-clamping, so they cannot move after installation. Moreover, irregularities (in height) between concrete copings are perfectly absorbed by the length of Betotop.

Betotop Inox


The ECCOborders Betotop profiles are placed on top of a concrete coping. Thanks to the self-clamping property of the profiles, ECCOborders Betotop profiles can thus be placed very quickly and easily without shifting after placement. If desired, the profiles can be fixed to the coping stone with cement.


Thanks to the high-quality Inox and Cor-ten steel used, ECCOborders Betotop profiles have a long service life. Moreover, they also ensure that the concrete coping stone obtains a longer life, as the profiles protect the coping stone.


Thanks to the length of the ECCOborders Betotop profiles, irregularities in height between the concrete copings are absorbed perfectly and in an aesthetic way.

Where can ECCOborders Betotop demarcations be used?

ECCOborders Betotop profiles can be used for both new projects and renovation projects that already contain concrete edging stones, giving them a very wide range of applications. ECCOborders Betotop edging strips can be used for all areas that are not driven on, such as the edging of garden paths, terraces, flower and lawn areas and pond edges. Betotop profiles are also suitable for traffic areas such as driveways, car parks and access roads.


The ECCOborders Betotop 50, 60 and “Wirtz” are available in two versions, namely in Inox (grey colour) and in Cor-ten steel (rust colour). All Betotop profiles in Inox version are supplied with an easily removable protective film, so they cannot be scratched during transport. The ECCOborders Betotop “Special” is manufactured only in high-quality Cor-ten steel.