The 3 cm and 4 cm ECCOgravel grids have similar properties (torque resistance, pressure resistance, flexibility, …). However, the distribution of forces (from cars, …) into the foundation is better with a 4 cm plate than with a 3 cm plate.

1. Place a sheet of paper on your hand and hit it with a hammer. 2. Place a phone book on your hand and hit it with a hammer.

Conclusion: the distribution of forces is better in the second case. If we apply this logic to ECCOgravel grids, we can conclude that the foundation will be less stressed when the sheet is thicker.

ECCOgravel grid 3 cm vs. 4 cm

Summary: you can use ECCOgravel 30 Double grids for vehicular applications, on condition that the foundations put in place are very sturdy. The added cost for this additional reinforcement does not always outweigh the costs saved by choosing a thinner sheet. Moreover, Belgian dealers can also store ECCOgravel 40 Double in larger quantities. This way, the product is always in stock.