Yes, if the foundation structure is sufficiently solid. Grass grids are meant to pave green (grass) areas. This is to ensure that, should it be necessary, a car/truck can drive over it without completely destroying the grass. A typical application is a firebreak (used only in case of fire and/or for sporadic access). Other typical applications are parking areas, acces/driveway or carports. With a solid foundation, ECCOdal can handle sporadic heavy traffic.

In areas where vehicles are parked, an ECCOdal grass grid is a perfect solution. The foundation of ECCOdal grass grids can be designed to also handle water from roadways.

In places that are used very intensively and at speeds above 10 km/h, we recommend laying the traveled areas in a bonded material (asphalt/concrete).

More information on the installation can be found here.