Secalflor powered by ECCO

Natural panels that provide optimal plant growth with high water retention, soil improvement and ease of use. Create a beautiful and thriving environment with this sustainable solution.

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Discover Secalflor by ECCO – the natural panels that ensure optimal plant growth. With notable properties such as high water retention of up to 12 l/m², it bridges long periods of drought and promotes healthy plant growth.

Secalflor contributes to soil improvement by maintaining water buffering capacity and drainage capacity. The water retention and provided nutrients encourage improved plant growth, allowing your plants to flourish.

The panels are not only sustainable and ecological, but also made from 100% natural raw materials. This provides an environmentally friendly solution in harmony with nature.

Secalflor is very user-friendly, with easy and quick installation. The low weight allows the panels to be installed on a variety of surfaces, such as gazebos, bus shelters and more.

Give your plants the best growing conditions with Secalflor by ECCO. Take advantage of high water retention, soil improvement and durability for a beautiful and thriving environment.

  • High water retention: stores up to 12 l/m² and helps plants overcome long periods of drought
  • Contributes to soil improvement while maintaining water buffering capacity and drainage capacity
  • Improved plant growth thanks to water retention and provided nutrients
  • Sustainable and ecological: manufactured from 100% natural raw materials
  • Very user-friendly: easy and quick to install
  • Low weight allowing installation on gazebos, bus shelters, etc. is also possible
  • Green roofs (intensive and extensive)
  • Creation of parks and green areas
  • Fruit and vegetable growing in dry areas
  • Erosion control, soil remediation, …
  • Dimensions(l x w x h): 79 x 58 x 2.5 cm
  • Material: 100% natural raw materials
  • Water retention: 12 l/m²
  • Weight: 2 kg/m² (unsaturated) – 35 kg/m² (saturated)