1Connect Joint filler

Say goodbye once and for all to unwanted weeds growing between your paving joints. With ECCO Products’ 1Connect joint filler, we offer a sustainable solution to keep your pavement free of weeds. Developed with your needs in mind, this innovative joint filler offers several benefits. Make the conscious choice for an environmentally friendly solution. 1Connect meets the highest standards of sustainability and minimises its impact on the environment. With ECCO Products’ 1Connect joint filler, you can enjoy weed-free paving that always looks perfect. Say goodbye to unwanted weeds and choose a solution that meets all your needs.

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Weed growth can be a major annoyance, especially when you are constantly trying to remove them. With the 1Connect joint filler, this is a thing of the past. Thanks to the effective barrier it creates, your paving will always maintain a neat and tidy appearance. No more hassle with weeding. Besides preventing weed growth, 1Connect also offers water and air permeability.

This ensures that the natural balance in the soil is maintained. Rainwater can drain easily, keeping your pavement healthy and preventing water accumulation.

The 1Connect joint filler is suitable for applications with light traffic. Whether it is a garden path, a driveway or a patio, you can rely on a solid and stable surface. Enjoy your pavement without worrying about damage from traffic.

Application of 1Connect is easy and can take place in dry weather or even light rain. No need to wait for perfect weather conditions to get started. Convenience and flexibility are paramount.

Regardless of whether you want to build new pavement or renovate your existing pavement, 1Connect is suitable for both situations. You can enjoy weed-free paving with confidence, regardless of its age.

At ECCO Products, we are committed to sustainability. The 1Connect grout filler is designed to last and requires little maintenance. No need to worry about regular replacement or intensive maintenance. Choose a solution that is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

In addition, 1Connect is UV and frost resistant. Your paving remains high quality even under the most challenging weather conditions. Trust the durability of 1Connect no matter the season.






Stone grey

  • Prevents weed growth in (paving) joints
  • Water and air permeable
  • Suitable for light traffic applications
  • Apply in dry weather
  • Applicable to both new and existing paving
  • Durable and low maintenance
  • UV- and frost-resistant
  • Environmentally friendly

Suitable for pavements with light loads:

  • Traffic-free shopping streets
  • Foot and bicycle paths
  • Garden and walking paths
  • Terraces

Quick installation

Stap 1: Preparation

All joints must be sprayed at least 3 cm deep, in order to fill them with 1Connect afterwards.

Stap 2: Application

Open the vacuum bag and distribute the 1Connect over the wet sprayed surface.

Stap 3: Sweeping

Sweep the product into the joints with a stiff broom or floor squeegee. Be sure to keep the pavement wet while sweeping. After 10 to 30 minutes, sweep diagonally with a soft broom until the pavement is clean.

  • COMPOSITION : Ready-to-use polymer grout sand
  • joint width: min. 2 mm
  • DRYING TIME: 24 – 72 hrs
  • PACKAGING: Vacuum packed
  • Minimum outdoor temperature at installation:>5°C and<30°C